Toadoolp Twists

Locationsee below
19 Witchrite 8989 GE Entropic Pool
19 Dreamer 9480 GE Rift

The Toadoolp Twists are intra-system rifts linking various areas of Brucrumus's Underdark. They did not begin as rifts. In the Demon Spawn War, they were churning pools of entropic energy. A primordial general named Blibdoolpoolp, and her aboleth scientists, created them to make soldiers. Humanoid captives were tossed into these whirlpools of chaos, transforming the hapless victims into kuo-toans. Not all of them survived, whereby their bodies settled to the bottom of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom or drifted off with the currents. They would not remain long, for in the God Era, the lake was home to demons and aboleth serving Blibdoolpoolp, or rogue ones serving only themselves, or those spying for a rival demon lord. It was quickly learned that grimlocks had the best chance of surviving the conversion. Pursuit of them over other humanoids, including offering rewards for them, took a terrible toll on the grimlocks. In Brucrumus's Underdark, it was common to find demons trafficking in grimlocks. Most of these demons were wanted for abandoning their posts. They were supposed to be fighting a war, not establishing a living. All of this led to a lot of corruption and even demon lords taking th war against the Covenant less serious; instead more interested in the money that could be made in rounding up grimlocks.

When Blibdoolpoolp became a Higher Power (9480 GE), she had to give up her active role in spreading her kuo-toan people across the Mortal Systems. She also gave up the power to control the ebb of her entropic pools, releasing their energy back to Chaos. Closing the link to Chaos required anchoring the other end to some place else. Knowing she was on the path to godhood, Blibdoolpoolp scope out choice areas across Bal-Kriav. Areas that would be good for her kuo-toans. When she left for her new home on Inguvile, she tied off these conduits, creating rifts to distant lands.

The Toadoolp Twists are often mistaken for whirlpools, yet they do not pull things into them. Instead, a creature must actively enter them and then have enough air in their lungs for up to five minutes of submersion. The travel time, completely submerged, from one Toadoolp Twist to the next is random, as is where you will end up. It is even possible to enter a Toadoolp Twist and minutes later find yourself staring at the same place you just swam into.

Use of a Toadoolp Twist is dangerous in another way. They require fuel to move something one place to another, and this comes in the way of the traveler's own life energy. Each use drains the traveler of 10% of their life energy (equivalent to 10% of their maximum hit points, recoverable normally). If a creature does not have life energy, such as an undead or construct, then they go nowhere.

Toadoolp Twist have been used by various races, mostly the kuo-toa of Âkhi, to colonize distant lands. They are sometimes used for raiding. This is dangerous though, because of the randomness of where you go each time.

By the 3rd century of the Lith-Crillion Era, enough kuo-toans had entered the Toadoolp Twists in Blibdoolpoolp Bosom and randomly ended up in Arkan-Ragûm where they established a civilization. Most of them ended up in the Underdark city Dilkuglapgon.

Toadoolp Twists
First Toadoolp TwistBlibdoolpoolp BosomChaexidor
Second Toadoolp TwistBlibdoolpoolp BosomChaexidor
Third Toadoolp TwistCthorgoKirgoyle
Fourth Toadoolp TwistArkan-RagûmKhelan
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