RegionIce Cap
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded29 Bliss 9295 GE

The goblin city-state Nemebhox is sited in the eastern fringes of Aettein. It is an ancient place, founded in the God Era by goblin soldiers serving under the angelic general Niruš. This angel favored the bow, hit-and-run tactics, and long range reconnaissance. He trained a goblin army, one that nobody else seemed to be able to keep in-line, in these same tactics. When the demons were running amok in the Demon Spawn War, Niruš's Orulûn Divison specialized in long-range operations. They employed dire wolves and dire boars on these hunts. The demons so feared, and respected, the Orulûn Divison that some of the captured goblins were sent back to the Abyss where they were cast into spawning pools - giving rise to the first Arrow Demon.

Most goblins of Nemebhox, perhaps even all of them, are descendants of those that fought in the Demon Spawn War under Niruš and his goblin army. For goblins, they are a bit more sophisticated and even-tempered than other goblins. They are also all non-evil if they are of the bloodlines that served in the Orulûn Divison. This is a divine trait that comes from being around Niruš and has passed down through successive generations. A foreign goblin that visited the place in the Second Epoch said:

The goblins of Nemebhox are not like me, and probably not like any other goblins you will ever encounter. These are not universally out for themselves. Some won't pay much attention to you, but also won't slit your throat when your down. There are some that are as good as any paladin of Purity. As a normal goblin I could not bear the place for more than two days. I slept out in the hills and spoke with those that passed on the trade road - cut the purses of a few of the weak, but at least here away from Nemebhox I could collect my story and rob a few too stupid to realize what was happening to them.

- Mortedire, goblin culture gatherer of the Bureau of Cities - "Nemebhox Survey"

Nemebhox's architecture is heavily influenced by the angelic holds of the Demon Spawn War. The sharp, yet graceful designs of its buildings, along with cleanliness, make it is one of the more prettier cities of Brucrumus's northern regions. Nemebhox is sited on the northern descent of Orulûn. It overlooks the entropic lands of Flux to the north. The eastern edge of the city is a cliff that looms 100' to 400' above the river Jhernarth. This city has a port built beneath this cliff which goes back for a mile. There are no port areas along the cliffs because of the river's strong current.

The city is home to goblins, Khazarkar expatriates of the Khazarkar Empire, halflings expats from the Seven Vales, and a token elven population with roots back to the Kingdom of Ithengee.

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