The Suellk Empire, led by the mind flayers, has a republic-like government that seeks council, advice, and recommendations from its elder brain, the heart of the empire, a mind flayer boss able to mentally link with any of its illithid subjects, guiding the nation with the final say in all matters.

Many of Eld'ri'suel's departments predate the Suellk Empire. They were formed during the rise of the illithid city-states on Ráglauth. The city-states had similar version of these departments, sometimes just named differently.

Notable Departments

Creation Creed

The Creation Creed is a department in charge of procuring technology, research and development, and making gadgets. Two of their best known claims to fame are the Silver Mirrors and the creation of the Dromite race.

Psyche Intake

The Psyche Intake has the duty of making sure the brain-stock is enough to meet the illithid's needs for good health and sanity. The head of this government department has the title Thrall Minister. Before the rise of the Suellk Empire, there were eight of them, one in each of the Illithid city-states of Ráglauth. By the end of the Flayer Wars (1943 LE - 1968 LE), pruned and downsized, they became one of the departments of the Suellk Empire.

We face extinction in a couple generations. The thrall population in all our cities is declining in health and numbers. Without a new population of thralls to up-breed to, ours will continue down this path of reduced psyches and declining litters. Our Thinker Creed has come up with the most obvious answer, to survive we must take the thralls of the other city-states. I sense in some of you that you already know this.

- Shussgo, Thrall Minister of Penumbra, excerpt from his book - "There Can Only Be One"

Thinker Creed

War Creed

As the name implies, the War Creed is Suellk's department for military affairs.