Ice Troll

Typetroll sub-race
Creation5 Hollow 9099 GE

Nowadays, any demon hunter knows that most abyssal fiends are moderately resistant to cold, yet few could tell you that it was not always so. Back in the God Era, many systems and worlds were quite young, and thus weak in their primary energy types. This meant that for the first millennia or so after a system's formation, its denizens were in many ways quite similar to mortals in their frailties to extreme heat and cold. In the Demon Spawn War, this came to head when demons had to seize territory of an angelic outpost in an environment of intense cold, like the upper elevations of mountains, the high chilling winds of a winter in the Giant Steps, or undertaking operations in the frigid wastes of Ice Cap. The demon lord Aseroth solved this problem by creating the first ice trolls. Like with the creation of most other troll types, he used Abyssal Infusion. These ice trolls were then sold at exorbitant prices to whatever demon lord needed them in their designs of conquest. After the Quara'tun Covenant defeated the demons, their former minions and allies were scattered all over the place. Their mortal minions, like the ice trolls, were not of such numbers as to threaten stability, so they were left to go their own way after the war. Today, they are scattered all over Bal-Kriav and other worlds, with most near or in areas where their ancestors once battled alongside demons.

Racial Traits
Racial as ice troll