Geb Vanguard

CategoryCrack Units
Stone Giants100%
Symbolquartz sphere over a mound of rocks
Established12 Artifice 8976 GE

The Geb Vanguard was formed by the primordial lord Geb. They served as his elite body guard. With the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE), they and many other mortal units were left to wander about looking for some new lord to serve.

In the Titan Era, the Geb Vanguard travelled far and wide, seeking honor, pay, and adventure. Their numbers varied greatly at times, a few dozens to several hundred of mixed races. They would go on to serve as mercenaries in all Brucrumus's Titan Empires.

In the Battle of Galstyxe, this unit of stone giants was under the command of the Orchish general Rassald.

In 1301, they took service with the Fograth.

In the Grashakh Front, emperor Blac'drugulois was killed. The group’s leader, not loyal to Monty the Mad, even suspecting treachery, decided to break with an empire they had been serving under for more than four centuries. They went north into Cinazan, a region embroiled in the Cinazan Front. Under General Olugra, this military unit entirely composed of stone giants, signed on with the Flux Pact.

They quickly proved their skills, and with that became commanders of Neeth-Theen’s armies. Their skill and pride come from their unit’s long and distinguished history, one dating back to the Demon Spawn War when they served under the primordial lord Geb. Most recently, they served under the Orchish Empire, with three centuries as one of Emperor Blac'drugulois's elite units.

Rax heads to a tent flanked by a pair of granite humanoids. One is a little taller than the other, but both are over 15 feet tall. Each of these soldiers is highly decorated, their battle ribbons carved into their stony bodies. They give him a salute of weapon raised upwards, with their arm forward. "Interesting salute; in some cultures that would be taken as 'you cannot pass.' I'm going to have to find out why they have so many battle ribbons."

Grarg mentally tells him, "No need. They're members of the Geb Vanguard. They've been around since the Demon Spawn War. In that war, they were the personal guard of the primordial lord Geb. After the war, they wandered about serving whoever needed their services. The last I heard, and this was over two centuries ago, they were serving under Emperor Blac'drugulois of the Orchish Empire.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Leaders of the Geb Vanguard
11 Temporal 1830 becomes general of the Flux Pact
killed by Ushgergoon in the Cinazan Front
Siege of Sapthiladân
First Battle of Inôr
Second Battle of Inôr
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