Thur Gilc

Thur Gilc - Inner Ring
Founded21 Kindle 9005 GE

Thur Gilc was built in the Demon Spawn War. Soldiers of the Krotoan army, serving under Lukoon, built this place to combat Graz'zt's demon legions. Graz'zt was sly, cunning. He had outsmarted many Covenant generals sent to stop his growing dominance over Karterus. Lukoon, as crafty as his opposite, was sent to stop Graz'zt. Thur Gilc served as Krotoan's headquarters until their disbandment in 9349 GE. When the Tilnangau empire was established, they used Thur Gilc with its five great walls and deep protections as their own headquarters. The Covenant classed these deep protections as Level 3 Warding. This type of protection was needed to stop the demon's knack for rift hopping and other teleportation magic.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Thur Gilc was a bastion of Tilnangau resistance to demons left behind from the Demon Spawn War. In 912 LE, the fortress fell to Varelay's demons and slave soldiers. They suffered so badly in the siege that orders were given to spare nothing above that of a rat. The slaughter of prisoner, civilians, the sick and wounded was so wholesale that it drew the ire of Lukoon. This god, one who had created the Tragaran race in his likeness, forged them into Krotoan soldiers, and then seemingly turned his back on them in the Great Betrayal, now decided to help them by granting their dying prayers. Many asked for forgiveness, safety, and others vengeance. At the time, what Tilnangau needed (gathered by Lukoon's agents) was soldiers to fight and delay Varelay. Knowing demon-kind, he surmised that it was only a matter of time before Varelay brought themselves down (proving true in the Varelay Upheaval). So those praying for safety and forgiveness were granted such, with passages shown to them in the Underdark, a route of escape long hidden by magic. Those asking vengeance were raised as vengeful spirits. They wrecked such havoc among the demon occupiers that the place was eventually abandoned.

Having suffered 10% casualties post-siege from ghostly units that always have surprise and concentration of power, we are abandoning this accursed place. The bodies of our own cannot be brought out for use in Project Golem because there is nothing left, these dreadful spirits wither whatever they touch to little more than dust and even corrode the stronghest of magical armors and weapons.

- Dydred, Commander 12th Carizara, from a military report - "Order #14, Operation Reduce Thur Gilc"

Even today, dozen of these spirits still haunt Thur Gilc. Having been in touch with Negative Energy for so long, they are all completely chaotic evil. Those that have come to hold lands around this place, the Radiant Cross out of Leza-Sîk, Malshirk'iss, Ren-Jorusk, and others, have made forays into the place with unpleasant results. Today, they have settled on the fact that Thur Gilc serves as a great buffer and territorial border separating the three aforementioned organizations.

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Thur Gilc