Built3 Temporal 9260 GE

Quelmollendë was built in the Demon Spawn War by the celestial Polyxo. Since her skills were more suited for the lab than war, she found herself posted north of Cthorgo with the Tholanbar military unit. This was a battalion sized force of Turkûn and auxiliaries tasked with building an outpost and then keeping watch for demon incursions. It was a dull post, one seeing little action, sometimes years would go by without demon sightings. During this time, Polyxo turned to dabbling in creation, something she lacked the skill in, but was able to make for with some life energy given to her by her mother Arcana. Her mother, also not a Creationist, wanted to figure out why some were so eager to get this stuff. Polyxo used the life energy given to her to create several new life forms. Each of these were most suited for the Underdark and intended for various duties. The most sentient of these lifeforms are the myconids. This plant-like race was made in collaboration with Silvanus. The myconid were made to spread vegetation and create fungal forests in the Underdark. Her other two notable creations were the carrion crawler and the ochre jelly, both to serve as "vultures of the underworld".

When Polyxo used up all of her life energy, she turned to creating new life forms out of soul energy. These experiments produced creatures that were either insane or just needing the right stress to make them go bananas. She created some monster types out of this soul energy and one sentient race - the derro, and as some know, the minds of these people tend to be unstable. Polyxo got the soul energy for her experiments from the Abyss. She rationalized that it was better for these dark souls to be put to some good use rather than having them start anew as a mane. Her use of soul energy was frowned upon by some of the more goodly types, enough so that they wanted it stopped. Polyxo had friends high up in the leadership of the Quara'tun Covenant, including her mother, such that she learned that they were nearing a decision to bring her to justice. She made the sensible decision and gave up using soul energy in her experiments. Polyxo turned to using magic to create new creatures. One of those she made was the first gorgon, which she named Sthumoteus. Other gorgons were created as mates, but Sthumoteus slaughtered them and consumed them. Five months later, while Polyxo was far away at a meeting, Sthumoteus gave birth to six calves. Sthumoteus broke free from her prison-like pen and petrified all those that came against her. Polyxo was psionically contacted by one of her soldiers and told of the situation:

Sthumoteus has broke free. She turns the doors to stone with her breath, causing them to collapse under their new weight or breaking hinges that were designed for hardened mushroom stalks. She has turned all that she encounters to stone, and goes into a frenzy when her calves are threatened.

- Polyxo, from the History of Quelmollendë - "Sthumoteus Incident"

Polyxo apprised to situation and gave the order to unblock the lower passage that lead out Quelmollendë, but not those large enough for Sthumoteus to exit. Sthumoteus is to be coaxed towards the waters of Cthorgo. When she reaches this starless sea, light up the area and then coax her into looking into the depths. When Polyxo returned to Quelmollendë, she found over half of the garrison turned to stone and Sthumoteus on the banks of Cthorgo, still gazing into its waters, but also petrified. This was caused by a magical quirk placed on Sthumoteus by her creator. It made it so that if she ever saw her gaze from a natural reflection, then she would be irrevocably turned to stone. It was one of tips her mother gave her when making magical monsters. Sthumoteus's calves escaped into the Underdark and have spread across the realm. The descendants of these calves are the strongest types of gorgons out there. Near the end of the God Era, Polyxo and the other celestials were forced to leave the mortal realm. She intentionally left the recipe for making gorgons and a few other magical creatures behind. These were stashed away behind trap-laden passages and chambers, and then secured in vault that required one to teleport inside of it. Once inside the intruders had to fight an array of magical guardians. It took a while, but the place was finally secured by a group thirsting for the place's ancient lore. The group that broke into the place went on to become the cult Ryldorvir. They fixed up Quelmollendë and put Polyxo's old labs back to work.

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