Polyxo, Solar to Arcana
WorldHestavar (Arcadia)
Class20th fighter / 10th priest
RaceTalaxan (Celestial)
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born3 Dreamer 8790 GE

Polyxo was born in the God Era to Arcana and Atlas. She was the first daughter of these two who were then but archangels.

In the God Era, Polyxo rose to be an astral deva. Since her skills were more suited for the lab than war, she found herself posted north of Cthorgo with the Tholanbar military unit. This was a battalion sized force of Turkûn and auxiliaries tasked with building an outpost and then keeping watch for demon incursions. It was a dull post, one seeing little action, sometimes years would go by without demon sightings. During this time, Polyxo turned to dabbling in creation, something she lacked the skill in, but was able to make for with some life energy given to her by her mother Arcana. Her mother, also not a Creationist, wanted to figure out why some were so eager to get this stuff. Polyxo used the life energy given to her to create several new life forms. Each of these were most suited for the Underdark and intended for various duties. The most sentient of these lifeforms were the Myconid. This plant-like race was made in collaboration with Silvanus. The Myconid were created to spread vegetation and create great fungal forests in the Underdark; hopefully rivaling the forests of the surface. Polyxo's other notable creations are the carrion crawlers and the ochre jellies - both to serve as the "vultures of the underworld".

She experimented with soul energy at a place she helped design, the stronghold Quelmollendë. She intended to make a variant of the dwarves that was more accustomed to living in the deeper areas of the Underdark. Her experiments using soul energy to create new life forms were only a partial success. This was because the souls she used were destined for the Abyss. Normally, these souls would be the chattel of the demon lords of this system, destined to rise as a lowly mane. Polyxo re-purposed these chaotic evil souls, using them to create new life forms. For most of those created in this manner, the outcome was something degenerate, mutated, twisted, or prone to insanity. The Derro race were one of these.

After the Demon Spawn War, Polyxo became a Solar to her mother Arcana. Polyxo's skill at using life energy and soul energy is such that along with her magic items she is equivalent to a Tier 3 Creationist.

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