RaceHalf-Elf (Celestial, Monadic Deva)
TitleChief Interrogator, Head of Secret Police
AlignmentNeutral Good (neutral evil after corruption)
Died12 Lunar 9415 GE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Rhynihx was chief interrogator and head of the secret police under Asmodeus. Before entering his service, she was closely vetted with both magic and suffered intense questioning and loyalty tests. This was all done to keep spies from getting too close to the leadership of the Quara'tun Covenant. Rhynihx had an outstanding record of service and higher than average skill for reading someone. She proved her worth in rooting out demon infiltration and spies, yet nobody, not even Asmodeus ever figured out that she was a mole. She was an agent of Graz'zt sent to corrupt the morality of Asmodeus.

Rhynihx was a stunningly charismatic and attractive monadic deva. She became the consort of Asmodeus after spurning his advances for two years. Over the next two centuries, they were in and out of relationships, with Asmodeus always coming back to her. This led to a strong jealousy and the beginnings of the corruption of his morality. Rhynihx's trickery was often very subtle and done over a very long time so as not to draw suspicion. One time she let herself be captured and tortured by a pack of demons, claiming to her rescuers that one had violated her. Asmodeus's rage from this incident was so unbounded that he wiped out the demons and then went on a campaign of slaughter. It was during this military campaign, that he gave the order "no quarter" which was generally not how war was waged by the Quara'tun Covenant.

Some think that Lukoon played a part in the corruption and downfall of Asmodeus, which even if true, paled in to comparison to the doings of Rhynihx. She played a major role in the fall of Asmodeus and him becoming a Fallen Angel.

The irony of the whole affair with Rhynihx is that Asmoeus undoubtedly figured out that she was a mole, yet his love and passion for her were greater than his principles to do what is right.

- Athena, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Rhynihx Seduction"

When Asmodeus was banished to Ellubôz, Rhynihx made the mistake of showing a brief grin. This was noticed by Phalgas who then had her watched and brought in for questioning. They were unable to find any complacency in the downfall of Asmodeus, yet Phalgas suspected something.

Not a tear, just a grin at the loss of a close friend and companion of centuries?

- Phalgas, to Rhynihx - "Interrogation of Rhynihx"

Unbenowst to anyone but her, she was pregnant with the seed of Asmodeus. This was the only child she ever had with him and her only child. During the last days of pregnancy her pain was so great that she feared not making it. She implored Ares to send her to Nessus. This questionable act by Ares, was the last act of morality undoing by Rhynihx. Taking advantage of Ares's compassion for his former protégé Asmodeus, she was sent to the Forge Worlds where she would give birth to something that would undoubtedly be corrupted by a wandering evil soul. Rhynihx died giving birth to what became the first Erinyes. Before she passed away, she sent a telepathic message to Asmodeus to come and get his daughter. On returning to Nessus, Asmodeus built a monolithic mausoleum of beaten bronze for the only thing that he ever loved more than himself.

What became of Asmodeus's daughter and first erinyes has yet to be told.

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