Ingu'lumin's Second Rift

Feeding Gunul-Birum
Opened9 Brighstar 9101 GE

This rift was opened five months after the closure of Ingu'lumin's First Rift. Like the first, Ingu'lumin's Second Rift was created by a primordial disembodied thinker named Ingu'lumin. Unlike the first rift which was opened from the side of Chaos, the second was opened on Bal-Kriav, inside the mountain Gunul-Birum. A mountain soon turned volcano from the rift's opening. He opened the second rift in the mortal realm because the volcano was once part of Chaos, made of entropic matter and fed by entropic fire. Its natural entropy caused instability in the area's Web of Magic, thereby making it much harder for the Web's weave spiders to repair.

Due to Ingu'lumin's lack of experience, his second rift collapsed on its own accord. When this happened, it sucked most of the volcano back into Chaos. This left in its wake the great sinkhole Zurukthûr. It also tainted the land around it, creating the desert Rukhs. The volcano Gunul-Birum has internal fires that come from an entropic core still linked to Chaos. This link is a narrow channel where only enterprising fire mephits could hope to squeeze through, yet big enough and with such constant lava flow making Gunul-Birum an active volcano.