Maeraddyth Brigade

CategoryCrack Units
Regionnearly all
SuperQuara'tun Covenant
Symbolspearhead piercing a demon skull
Disbanded7 Bloom 9020 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, a demon lord named Hezxis invaded the Mortal Systems. His target was the world of Kriav. Opposing him, was the Covenant commander of Kriav's military operations, the archangel Corellon. In a bold gamble, Hezxis sought to surprise and overwhelm the forces at a Covenant Holy Bastion named Liamenor. Hezxis, never one to lead from the front, sent nearly all his forces through the Hezxis Pocket with himself remaining behind in his Abyssal hold Una'gah. Corellon's spies, some even say a demon traitor lured by finery and precious stones, gave up information on this planned attack. While Hezxis's forces were besieging Liamenor, Corellon sent an elite unit to attack Una'gah and take out their leader. The elite unit was the Maeraddyth Brigade. Its leader a crafty and charismatic figure named General Maeraddyth. They stormed the place, beating down a token defense, trapping him in anti-transport zone, t preventing escape by teleportation or the magical summoning of allies. This all happened while the demon forces back on Kriav were close to breaching the walls of what was thought to be an impregnable bastion of good. Hezxis's head was taken back to Liamenor and displayed from high atop the battlements. This caused such confusion in the demon ranks that they broke-up the siege and began to quarrel over who would now lead the army and enjoy the piles of loot rumored to be in Una'gah's vaults. Those that escaped the wrath of Corellon's forces fled home to through the Hezxis Pocket. Back on the Abyssal word Nasudex, the demons caught up with the Maeraddyth Brigade. General Maeraddyth and his army were beating a similar retreat, but in reverse, heading for the rift to take them back to Kriav. The fighting between the brigade and the demons was strung out over five miles and lasted all day. The demons outnumbered their foes by 2:1, had the advantage of mobility with many of the wing, and one on one, demons were more powerful than the mortals they faced. Only the brigade's celestials stood a chance of going toe-to-toe with the demons, but there simply was not enough of them. The demons captured all that they could, tortured them to no end, and then infused them with demoniac energy. Transformed in the Orkran Valley, the captives now only vaguely resembled an elf, were the start of the Orc race. They were instilled with a hatred of elves that often supersedes other enmities. General Maeraddyth suffered the same, and like many others, ditched his elven name, thereafter calling himself Gruumsh.

The Maeraddyth Brigade ceased to exist, its soldiers divided out to various demon commanders. In the Demon Spawn War, they were taken to various war theaters, scattered across Quara'tun's serving the demons. They escaped when they got a chance, battled them if the odds were in their favor. When it suited them, they allied with Covenant forces, but never to those answering to Corellon.

At Liamenor the actions of the Maeraddyth Brigade are honored with a memorial. At Aphalur, can be found a plaque expressing Corellon's grief of what happened to them.

If I could have helped General Maeraddyth and his men I would have done so. Kriav was being assailed by demons in great numbers, so to risk opening a rift and going to the Abyss was not something I could afford. They succeeded in killing a demon lord, saved Liamenor, but suffered a terrible price. They became twisted and malevolent and having a hatred for elves that only the demons could have conceived. When he became an orc, my old friend Maeraddyth changed his name, becoming my arch-enemy Gruumsh.

- Corellon, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Maeraddyth Brigade"

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