Anvil of Ongruxiel

Phalgas draws the attention of Cerberus
LocationCloud Forge

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), scavengers in service to Orcus found Demiurgic Iron scattered across the vale of Sotiisk'lum. Some of this rare iron found its way back to Orcus's home world of Thanatos.

At Naratyr, Orcus's chief forge master, a babau named Ongruxiel, created an anvil of red hot Demiurgic Iron, cooling it in a vat of angel blood. The result, after powerful enchantments were laid upon it, was an anvil that produced weapons very dangerous to the holy. Many thousands of arrow heads were made on this anvil. Most ended up in the quivers of Orcus's arrow demons. These members of the Angel Blood Division went on to Bal-Kriav's battlefields, tearing through the Covenant's goodly elements.

In 9007 GE, the Covenant sent a team of commandos deep into enemy lands. Atlas, Lukoon, and Phalgas went to the fortress of Naratyr. Luckily for them, Orcus and a large part of his forces were moving to battle a diversionary invasion by a Covenant commander named Dispater. With a garrison still expected to number in the thousands, Lukoon came up with a plan to use one of Orcus's pets against his own garrison. Sneaking inside, taking care of problems and disposing of them in his bag of devouring, Lukoon and Phalgas got the attention of Cerberus while Atlas used his seemingly unlimited strength, breaking the chain holding back the most fearsome hound in all creation. When Cerberus realized he was free, he lost interest in the three, heading to wreck vengeance on those that had long taunted him. While the demon hound drew away the garrison, the Covenant trio made for the forge. In this area, they retired the forge master. None willing to touch an anvil radiating great evil, Atlas wrapped it in a section of Cerberus's chain, dragging it out of Naratyr.

Back on Bal-Kriav, the anvil was taken to the highest mountain of the Aerie of Dragons where it was bathed in a thimble of Bal-Kriav's blood. For the remainder of the war, the Anvil of Ongruxiel, now a redeemed magic item, was used in the making of epic quality armor and weapons.

Located within the Cloud Forge, the Anvil of Ongruxiel kept in place, protected by the Chain of Cerberus. A magical construct, the same chain that Atlas used to wrap the anvil, it rivals the might of a dozen blutium golems.