Creation9 War March 9033 GE
NativeThe Hells

Devils came about in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). The project to create them, requiring the help of the Creationists, came from Asmodeus's fear that Covenant principles were going to lose the war.

In 9033 GE, a Well of Afterlife was taken to Dis. Those behind this operation, one sanctioned by a certain Creationist and not by the Covenant, were Asmodeus and Dispater. They placed this artifact, a soul magnet, deep under a Covenant military hospital. When the Well of Afterlife was activated, it began drawing in souls of those with a diabolical mindset.

Like other Wells of Afterlife, the one on Dis was tuned to certain types of energy. The souls that found themselves on Dis carried negative entropy and unholy energy. The devils were created by transferring the soul energy into a body.

Those of sufficient mental power, near an active Well of Afterlife, can create a body for a Well's soul.

Dispater and Asmodeus did most of the work of creating devils. Those they willed into form, were given builds for their intended military purpose. Due to the tuning of the Well of Afterlife, they were all those with a diabolical mind-set, fine with taking extreme measures against their enemies. Trained and indoctrinated, the devils battled the demons in the same dirty ways they fought them.

The first devil army was led by Geryon, a general under Asdmoeus; both in service of the Quara'tun Covenant.

Racial Traits
Racial as devil type
Life Span immortal
Essence Bound a devil's death in The Hells is permanent; not even the spell Wish can bring them back
Notable Devil Types
TraitPurpose Built
Erinyes subversion
Imp clandestine, proselytizer, agent of
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