Typeaquatic humanoid
Creation9 Dreamer 9414 GE
LanguageAquan, Infernal

In the God Era, one of the mortal races that sided with the Covenant was the Tritons. They served in areas where aquatic demons threatened Bal-Kriav's seas. The tritons fought alongside angels for the duration of the Demon Spawn War. Those that served under then angel Asmodeus were changed when he became a Fallen Angel (9414 GE).

When Asmodeus was banished from the Mortal Systems, he retreated to the forge worlds of what would become better known as The Hells. In this distant system, he took the mantle System Overlord. Rivalries and yearning to gain more power at the expense of another were too come later. As System Overlord, Asmodeus gained great powers, one was of transformation. On 9 Dreamer 9414 GE, he transformed his most loyal division of tritons, the 82nd Last Hope, into something war-tempered and sinister, the first members of the Sahaugin race.

In 9495 GE, the sahaugin of the 82nd were sent back to Bal-Kriav. They were charged with carving out a new existence for themselves. Asmodeus also hoped they would come around to worshiping him. Many eventually did, taking over four thousand years to give Asmodeus the status of a Cult Power (721 HE). .

When I was banished for true war, where pragmatism is the only concern, my tritons also changed. They are a little something I left behind if things went bad with the others.

- Asmodeus, conversations with Raxcvillibus - "The Sahuagin"

Racial Traits
Racial as sahuagin