RegionHigh Wood Country
Built2 War March 9156 GE

Dul-Kiz was built in the Demon Spawn War by boots serving under the generalship of Naraz-Nâru. In this war, the main adversary of this stronghold were the demons fighting under the flag of the demon prince Ahnuthall. Dul-Kiz fell once in the war between the demons and angel; and only then because a spy revealed a secret entry into the place. After the demons sacked the place, they just as quickly abandoned it, whereupon the 18th Arkan Taurelin expeditionary force re-occupied it. This regiment of Turkûn soldiers closed off the secret entrance into the place and continued to hold the place for the remainder of the war. When the Demon Spawn War ended, Dul-Kiz was abandoned to the wilds.

Dul-Kiz remained forgotten and lost until the First Epoch. When the dwarves of Narbuzad and the elves of Taurelin began skirmishing in the valley below, Fargimdal scouts seized the heights, discovery a place forgotten and sealed for thousands of years. They turned to repairing the place and put a strong garrison in place.

When Dul-Kiz was searched, the dwarves spent a lot of time trying to figure out the secret locks and runes scattered about bastion's lower levels. Some of these unleashed deadly traps and constructs when opened incorrectly. A few of the constructs were captured by the Fargimdal and reverse engineered. This study led to them acquiring the knowledge of how to make slaughterstone eviscerators. Fargimdal history says that the capture of one of these golems intact did not come cheap, with hundreds dying and many more wounded or maimed. Dul-Kiz continued to expand their knowledge on golem creation, sending forth lore seekers to scour the lands for knowledge on making other golem types. This interest in golems led to Dul-Kiz becoming a source for purchasing golems and a library for constructs in general.

In addition to a large number of golems, Dul-Kiz has ten batteries of heavy cannons and a two batteries of Ole' Faithful. Dul-Kiz has an order of demon hunters called the Khalag Narkûn. They were formed to deal with the remnants of the Demon Spawn War, left behind at lake Bul.

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