RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersEastern Shar
Symbolsymbol of fire, water, air, and earth

Quadrax was founded by Karsec, a deformed Grimlock that survived a dip in a Toadoolp Twist. Having escaped his Kuo-toa captors, he went on a long journey to understand what he described as an enlightening experience. The team that worked with him came to be known as the Quadrax. They were explorers, adventurers, lore seekers.

In 9152 GE, never safe from those he escaped, Karsec was captured and drained of his greatest secrets. His death at the hands of the Soothsayers of Blipool turned Quadrax from seekers of lore into kuo-toa hunters. They threatened the kuo-toa holds of Blibdoolpoolp Bosom, picking off patrols, sabotage and ransoming high-value targets.

By the Lith-Crillion Era, four centuries after the Karsec Affair, the Quadrax were headquartered in Blipool; the city where Karsec was drained of his knowledge and killed. Quadrax remained in Blipool for five decades, studying the Toadoolp Twists, Arcanas Rip, Moltaria, and other strange areas. They then moved on to other places tied in with the elemental energies.

Today, headquartered in the Eastern Shar, Quadrax is a monastic order of monks, psionicists, and others with interests in the elemental forces.

Members of this guild learn to control fire, water, earth, and air energies, such that spells that use these energies add +1 DC and +1 extra damage per die.

Notable Personages
KarsecQuadrax of Prime Elements
VoronilRoots of Chaos
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