Núlananya Rift

Opened3 Bloom 8981 GE
Closed12 Saunas 9116 GE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the world of Kriav was beset with demons just like the other worlds of the Quara'tun System. The demon lord Jurusalax was one of those who's fortunes were not going well. His demon sorcerers put everything they had in finding a way to another world. They got their lucky break with the opening of the Núlananya Rift, a bridge linking the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav. It became a highway of invasion, starting a mini-war of the Demon Spawn War called the Zythess War.

The origin of this rift began inside a treant named Núlananya. Born in entropic soil, the warp matter inside of Núlananya eventually collapsed, tearing a hole in the Web of Magic; creating a rift linking Kriav and Bal-Kriav.

In 9116 GE, one hundred and thirty some years after its opening, Silvanus closed this rift by snuffing out Núlananya's life force.

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