Creation21 Temporal 9100 GE
NativeAvernus, Cryphoeca

A product of Covenant experimentation, with a serpent-like neck connected to a spider's body, Mokerrian was the first Neogi. The neogi were made for a vast area on Avernus that was of industrial importance. This was the Iron Yards, a very rugged area with deep gorges, ravines, and sinkholes. The Neogi with their spider limbs were created to patrol this area. This act of creation was nothing new. It had been going on since the Dawn Era with primordials and the Covenant creating new races to help in the conflict. The Neogi were created in secret, to help forces under Asmodeus patrol the ironworks and shops. Demons were constantly probing and raiding. One of these raids resulted in a prison break. Escaping a military lab on Malbolge, Mokerrian hid herself in a supply caravan heading to Cryphoeca. On this world, Mokerrian kick-started the Neogi civilization, going on to produce thousands of broods.

By the end of the Horgon Era, Cryphoeca's neogi empires had wiped out most of their world's population of animals and humanoids. This era spanning conflict became known as the Great Neogi War. It was a war over resources, with each other's populations the prize.

For the neogi, there is no differentiation between eating a dead slave and eating a dead neogi - they are both sustenance. They view cannibalism a practical means of culling the weak, because to their sinister minds the weak are a drain on resources better suited for those most likely to survive and grow big. This idea of big is a important among their kind, with the biggest and fattest neogi held in high regard. Neogi with big slaves are viewed even greater.

- Vice Admiral Khuziglun, of Deep Six, from the Stellar Debates, Meeting 903 - "Everybody is Food"

Neogi civilization, and their race, were saved from extinction by starvation on 19 Hollow 1946 HE. On this day a Suellk voidship landed on Cryphoeca near the neogi ruin Salticidae. This exploration mission ended with all the ship crew being captured and eaten. The captured voidship was studied and reverse engineered. A century later, the neogi were making expeditions into the void collecting lifeforms to repopulate and farm on their world. They raided far and wide, gathering food and slaves from others worlds of the Quara'tun System.

Neogi are intelligent creatures. They ally with other races if it furthers their goals. These pacts usually end in a bitter way, with the neogi turning on their former allies, enslaving them, or sating their ravenous appetites.

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Racial as neogi
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