Typhalumus - Inirthak
RegionGrashakh, Imgangreth
Built14 Brighstar 8992 GE

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the advance of Demogorgon north into Sector Inirthak led to the calling in one bound by the Nautrek Deal. The primordial lord Surtur, ally of the Covenant, reluctantly answered the call to actions. To give the Covenant more time to prepare for the coming onslaught, they voted in favor by a small margin, giving Surtur the go ahead for the fiery terraforming of the great depression of Agulbandal. Two volcanoes would be created, Typhalumus in the northwest and Vaermund in the northeast. Their activity would turn the landscape volatile and difficult to cross for even demon armies.

With the threat of Demogorgon fast approaching, the Covenant wanted Surtur's work done quickly. Creating volcanoes was no easy task, in fact it was many times harder than in the previous era when the landscape of worlds rippled with change. To meet his superior's demands, Surtur needed to take short-cuts. Unknown to his goodly Covenant superiors, this came in the form of sacrificing a primordial prisoner. Lukoon, a Covenant leader willing to make the hard decisions, got Surtur into a prison mote called Thunder Halls. Inside this floating prison, Surtur and Lukoon freed one of its prisoners. This prison was a watery elemental by the name of Typhalumus. A foe of the Creation War, this mighty primordial now only wanted death. In various Covenant prisons, the last being Thunder Halls, she had grown weary of nearly four centuries of imprisonment. Surtur told Typhalumus that her name would be remembered long after she expired. Lying, Lukoon told her that she would return to the Sea of Entropy, be reborn in whatever Chaos's choosing. Seeking death, hardly trusting her exploiters, Typhalumus followed their commands, giving up her energy to Surtur. Surtur kept his word, naming his newest volcano Typhalumus. The energy of Typhalumus was used to find gaps in the subterranean stone, a path hundreds of miles long that with help would create an upper branch to the region's central lava feeder, the Annbild Hrolmir canal. Surtur was pleased with the result. He figured that after the war with the demons, his fire giants would find Typhalumus and Vaermund to be homes worthy of his great people.

In the Horgon Era, a natural cave-in led to the cooling of this volcano. With its link to Annbild Hrolmir severed, Typhalumus became a dead volcano.

Inside Typhalumus's caldera, along its lower western rim is the city of Gúluzgash. It was founded in the Second Epoch by orc legions pushing north. Past Gúluzgash's walls and outer structures are hundreds of miles of tunnels. These honeycomb the mountain, descending into the subterranean reaches of Garathral. This lower area is territory of the Soot Lords of Vaermund. It is very hot with noxious gases, a haven for fire giants, salamanders, fire trolls, and other fiery brutes.

Notable Areas