Felakgathar Contract

Period8782 GE

The Felakgathar Contract was a deal between Danzar-Khâl and Surtur. In return for the gods and angels granting him residence in the realm of mortals, he would use his abilities and a small portion of minions to contain those he was once allied with or associated with in the Creation War. The areas that he helps ward and patrol are Felakgathar, Malurn, Azurâg, and parts of the prison continent Denerra.

Section 1, Surtur, set your minions to guard Felakgathar from the primordials and minions imprisoned beneath and in Malurn.

Section 2, seal off Cruharr and do not re-open the area. Free the azer and let them go where they please.


Follow this contract to the letter, and I will call off the dogs. You can have your place among the mortals and even take some as worshipers if that suits you.

- Danzar-Khâl, to Surtur, at the gates of Svaer Hodgrolf - "Making of the Felakgathar Contract"

From Surtur's perspective, he had no choice but to accept this deal. He did not stand a chance against the mighty host that came to Svaer Hodgrolf. Even his old accomplice of the Creation War, Geb, was their aiding his former enemies. The deal was accepted not cause Surtur was backed into a corner, but because he could greatly benefit by staying in the realm of mortals and perhaps himself become one of these "gods". For Danzar-Khâl's part, he knew that Surtur benefited more by accepting the deal than fighting it out and being driven back to Chaos, killed, or entombed for eternity in some place like Denerra. The goal of Danzar-Khâl, and the others gods who conceived this deal can only be guessed, but it probably had something to do with having a former enemy on the inside of any future primordial machinations.

Theologians that have studied the Felakgathar Contract say that only Danzar-Khâl and Surtur signed the contract. Others gods and angels probably helped in creating and backing this contract, but because of Surtur's personality they wanted to make it seem like it was a deal between equals.

Habanin, once High Theologian of Thrakopolis, stated that the gods and angels gave up pursuit of Geb and Surtur because they were either too elusive or powerful. It is true that they were good at getting away, but this all changed when Geb was "convinced" to help Danzar-Khâl and his army strike a deal with Surtur at Svaer Hodgrolf. Some have theorized that Habanin's writing were biased at the time because of the near war state between Burterinii and Goth-Dyvermoir. By leaving out the fact of the Felakgathar Contract, Habanin hoped to not add fuel to the fire and be responsible for starting a full-blown war.

Both Geb and Surtur are primordials, remnants of a time before mortals, when the gods and primordials fought over the spoils of creation. The gods wanted to keep the worlds and creatures, while the primordials wanted to destroy it all. In the Creation War, most of the primordials were either destroyed, imprisoned, or driven back into Chaos. Geb and Surtur remained. They were found several times by angel trackers. An attack on them required a concerted effort, so the primordials fled. Geb burrowed through Bal-Kriav and created a vast expanse of caves and tunnels, a maze of passages, and collapsed many behind him. The trackers lost their quarry, and when they did come upon him, they lost because they fought under his conditions. The same happened with Surtur, he burned his way into the earth, and left a wake of magma and fire behind him. These two primordials proved adept at escaping and then when they had to fight, it was almost always under conditions favorable to them. The gods and their angels finally gave up pursuit and removed themselves from the realms. They then created the mortals and observed the lands for any attack by Geb or Surtur. The attacks never came. When the gods started getting worshipers and their power increased, Geb and Surtur soon followed suit. In time, they too gained the status of gods, and came to be viewed as gods and not primordials, at least by most mortals, the gods know what they are and monitor them for any primordial destructiveness.

If any god is to walk among men, it is Geb or Surtur. Since they are still primordial, they can freely move from their home system to the Mortal Systems. They don't usually do this though, since their actions would drawn the anger of the other gods and could lead to serious penalties against them by The Balance.

- Habanin, High Theologian of Thrakopolis - "Primordial Gods"

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