Sôvuk Sea Gate

Mane ... fuel for the Manes Chimneys
?? Kurun'Ush
Opened5 Witchrite 8978 GE
Closed17 Brightstar 8997 GE

The Sôvuk Sea Gate once served as a rift between the Abyssal world Kurun'Ush and the world Bal-Kriav. The architect of the Sôvuk Sea Gate was a powerful demon wizard named Gorag'theg. His knowledge of necromancy was so great that he figured out a way to use soul energy to power-up the Manes Chimneys.

This gateway to the Abyss was opened during the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It an underwater grotto beneath the isle of Torvild, a rift opening, linking Bal-Kriav with a faraway world of the Abyss. Minions of Gorag'theg then dug a tunnel on a westerly course towards the waters of Morwuld Briin. To stabilize the rift, the Manes Chimneys were erected to serve as both protection against Covenant attacks and for funneling soul power into keeping the rift open.

In the Demon Spawn War, Covenant armies assailed the area around the rift beneath Torvild. Many times they failed to breach the demon defense around the Manes Chimneys. All during this time, weave spiders, working for neither side, tirelessly worked to repair the Web, thereby closing the rift. After 19 years, the Manes Chimneys, hungry for more and more energy, went cold for lack of fuel. Gorag'theg had used up his entire supply of manes. In an effort to get more fuel, he went to war against other demon lords.

If Gorag'theg had succeeded in securing more souls, the Demon Spawn War would likely have went on for another decade and who knows what could have happened during that time - perhaps even the loss of Bal-Kriav to the demons.

It is fortunate for us, that the demons spent as much time fighting amongst themselves as attacking us.

- Asmodeus, excerpt from the Thuaxor Keozhal - "Demon Infighting"