Khage Clansman
RegionAerie of Dragons

The Khage are dwarven clans living in the southern part of Tu Naar. They are a reclusive people with holdings deep in the mountains.

The Khage have bloodlines tracing back to the Demon Spawn War when a regiment of them served with the armies of Asmodeus against the demon hordes of Orcus. In the Hoof Front and other battles of the Demon Spawn War, Orcus fought for domination of the Aerie of Dragons. He was opposed by troops serving Asmodeus and Bahamut. The dwarven regiment Hammers of Khage served under the planetar Khage. This colonel got his orders directly from Asmodeus. He began to turn his ear a little to Bahamut when he was allowed to to ride into battle on the great silver dragon Galzra. The regiment under Khage was supported by two silver dragons wings. After the Demon Spawn War, some of these silver dragons remained in the Aerie of Dragons. The dwarves took up home in Feykro Silon. Even though they went their separate ways, the silver dragons and the Hammers of Khage, now just the Khage, were not hesitant to give aid to each other whenever evil threatened the land.

A tenth of the Khage clans are Diiv Kiir, sons and daughters of dalliances with the silver dragons of Feykro Silon and dragon cultists skulking around Thadir. The latter are unsavory dwarves using powerful rituals to shape change into dryads and then seduce by charm or magic the younger silver dragons of the area.

The deceptive deeds of the dragon cultists required great magic, money, and secrecy - for even the most comely dwarf is still ugly by our standards.

- Bayorth, silver dragon, 1st Blood of Galzra - "Dryad Deception"

The first generation of these dragon-descended dwarves were born in 9475 GE. In the Horgon Era, there were four dragon bloodlines among the Khage. Two of the families lines were totally wiped out in the Wyrm Blood Purge. The remaining families of silver dragon lineage are the Sons and Daughters of Galzra and the Scions of Nesenth. Today, the normal dwarves and the the dragon-descended get along quite well.

Most Khage are worshipers of Bahamut. This came about a decade after Bahamut became a god. They were influenced down this path of worship by Galzra, the same dragon that they once fought alongside in the Demon Spawn War, and now devout proselytizer of Bahamut. After Galzra died of old age, the Khage were mostly converted and becoming devout worshipers of his master.