Borri Slarek

Class17th fighter
TitleHarzburgite Chosen
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born11 Artifice 9431 GE
Died19 Dreamer 9485 GE

Borri, or more specifically Borri of the Slarek, was the first hero champion of the fomorians. In the Demon Spawn War, he served under Geb. At the time, Geb was prevented from battling the demons directly, on the account that he was an enemy of the gods and angels in the previous war. When Geb's territory around his birthplace, the great rift Izen'nâth, came under threat of Zuggtmoy's demon army he began to act indirectly against the demons. He mustered whatever Earthen forces that would answer his call and began to build fortifications in the Underdark reaches around Izen'nâth. The demons nibbled away at these defenses, but could never penetrate more than three lines of defenses. After a time, they redirected their energy to the south with only probing attacks to the north. Zuggtmoy accrued a large population of slaves in this conflict and others of the Demon Spawn War. They were put to work in the dreaded mines of Siolix and other areas of interest. Borri, then an earth giant, became a member of this slave population. He survived the poison of the deep rocks, becoming a mutated giant known today as a fomorian. He spent seven years in the mines before his escape and was nearly killed for insubordination many times but for his wily tongue that always seemed to get him out of death sentences. He had to give up one eye to the last demon he offended, or face certain death. Upon his escape, he took a dozen other fomorian slaves with him. Half of these escaped slaves stayed on with him to pay the demons back for the suffering inflicted on them and others. His way with words, and being a Harzburgite Chosen of Geb, made him a leader among escaped fomorians and others threatened by Zuggtmoy's minions. He waged a decade long guerrilla war with the demons, earning him an unheard of bounty for the period, of 1,000,000 Zuggtmoy Crowns (gold pieces). Geb forged him a great weapon, the hammer Quake, which was used to kill hundreds of demons in localized earthquakes. In 9470 GE, Borri used this mighty hammer to slay Zuggtmoy. This did not truly kill her, instead sending her accursed essence back to the Abyss for a decade of torture while it reformed.

After the death of Zuggtmoy, her demon forces broke up and were slowly eliminated by elements of the Quara'tun Covenant or those forces acting on behalf of Geb. Borri served as leader of those fomorians serving Geb until his death.

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