Nonvul Viing Noble Wing

CategoryCrack Units
AliasesNoble Wing
RegionAerie of Dragons, others
Gold Dragon30%
Silver Dragon25%
Brass Dragon20%
Bronze Dragon15%
Copper Dragon10%
Symboldragon claw
Disbanded18 Brighstar 9270 GE

Nonvul Viing was the dragon army that served under Bahamut in the Creation War and then in the Demon Spawn War. Nonvul Viing was composed of two dozen wings. This wing designation began with Bahamut and still remains the term used for dragon units of 4-6 dragons. After the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), Bahamut left for Nawenglorûs. The dragon army dispersed, with some going their own way and others joining up with the armies still battling the demons.

Most of all the non-evil dragons of Bal-Kriav are descendants of Nonvul Viing's dragons.

Units of Nonvul Viing
2nd Silon Viingsilver dragon wingBahamut, Munkar KhageFeykro Silon
6th Silon Viingsilver dragon wingBahamut, Munkar KhageFeykro Silon
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