Typesentient plant species
Creation4 Dreamer 8841 GE

In the God Era, Polyxo used life energy given to her to create several new life forms. Each of these were most suited for the Underdark and intended for various duties. The most sentient of these lifeforms are the myconids. This plant-like race was made in collaboration with Silvanus. The myconid were made to spread vegetation and create fungal forests in the Underdark.

Myconids are the most suited of any race for raising fungi and creating bountiful harvests. As a result they are often employed, either willingly or forcibly, by other races of the Underdark. In evil empires like Urthin-Mejin, they are slaves that toil away in subterranean fields that supply the needs of populous cities.

Racial Traits
Racial as myconid