Ráglauth, looking up to Lamúrog and then Ghífthauk

Ráglauth is a cloudy and rainy moon, dark to the standards of Bal-Kriav. It receives 1/4th the light from Merioss and Juniger than its closest neighbor Ghífthauk and only 1/10th what Bal-Kriav sees in a year.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, mind flayers came to dominate this mini-world. In the process, they brought in thousands of grimlock slaves.

The low-light conditions of Ráglauth suit the illithid, and also cause for them suffering on more illuminated worlds like Bal-Kriav where they seek shelter in the Underdark or shadowy places.

- Kain'tsar, githyanki illithid slayer - "Illithid Weaknesses"

Ráglauth is the origin world for the Dromite race.