Dwarven Defender of Gûrkimâdda
HeadquartersNarazûn (Meshond)
Alignmentslawful good, lawful neutral
Symbolwall with symbol of Danzar-Khâl on it
Established5 Bloom 8873 GE

Gûrkimâdda was the name of a dwarven army that served under Danzar-Khâl in the Creation War. After this great war, Gûrkimâdda was given the task of monitoring Malurn. As the population of Meshond expanded from this army's families and those turning to civilian life and other paths of work, an order was established to maintain martial skills and the principles of defending the citadel and the lands around it. This order took the name of the army that once served under Danzar-Khâl. The size of the order has grown considerably since its founding, all the while keeping its history of noble deeds, staunch discipline, and code of honor.

The first Dwarven Defenders came from this order. Over the ages, the teachings to train one to be a Dwarven Defender have spread from Meshond to Brucrumus and possibly as far as Karterus.