Founded18 War March 9356 GE

Grar'toch was founded by derro that escaped Quelmollendë when it was under Polyxo's watch. It was not a true escape, for Polyxo allowed the "poor creatures" to find a more welcoming home. The settlement's derro, though evil in their ways, were quite welcoming to others looking to join them. They needed numbers to counter Ophudehk's periodic culling of their neighbor's populations. Even with this constant aboleth threat, Grar'toch grew rapidly. It was near a fungal so rich that food was never a problem. By 500 LE, it was a growing city-state, a melting pot of kobolds, orcs, derro, and grimlocks.

In 1115 LE, the rising water table, induced by the Sathubas Waterworks Project, put the last tower of this once great city underwater.