Built17 Temporal 8984 GE

Liamenor is an ancient holy citadel dedicated to Corellon. It was built in the Demon Spawn War as a headquarters for forces serving under Corellon. As such, it became known as a Covenant Holy Bastion. For two hundred years of the demon war, Corellon's greatest foe was a demon lord named Hezxis. At times, up to half of his forces were of the flying type, and they alone are said to have numbered close to fifty thousand when they began their attack on the world Kriav. When they came through the Henmona Rift, Hezxis's forces overwhelmed the Cilarrion region. Over the twenty decades of conflict with Hezxis, Corellon's armies adapted to his foe's air attack, moving the population into forests and building redoubts where the flying demons did not have so much of an advantage. They built intricate and highly defensive areas among the trees and out of necessity became masters of the bow. Liamenor became the heart of training archers, light infantry skirmishers, and guerrilla tactics. The wood elves, naturally more dexterous than their Kriavian Elf cousins, took these tactics into the trees training how to move swiftly and safely among branches and vines. They also perfected camouflage to blend into the forests.

In the war against the demons, the greatest attack on Liamenor occurred at the beginning of War March 9020 GE. In this siege the demon lord Hezxis's sent all his forces through the Hezxis Pocket. This rift between the Abyssal world Nasudex and Kriav was opened only several miles from the walls of Liamenor. The archangel Corellon battled the demons from the ramparts, becoming something of a legend as he slew dozens of demons. Liamenor would have fell, but for a bold decision by Corellon to send an elite force, the Maeraddyth Brigade, back through the Hezxis Pocket. The Maeraddyth Brigade went to Hezxis's hold Una'gah and slew him; since he was on caught in the Abyss, his death was permanent.

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