RegionIce Cap
Founded22 Dreamer 427 HE

Indushmêk was founded by Turkûn-Khâl clans of the western reaches of Khalas. In 507 HE, the clan leaders representing other dwarven holds in the valley formed the empire Malad-Mîn.

In 86, Malad-Mîn fell to the goliath confederacy of Khalas-Tûr. The empire's fall did not end the fighting. The people of Indushmêk held out in city for a year. Then they moved down into a fortified complex beneath the city. Thûr-Damazandal is an fortified complex in Badmaer. In this citadel, they slowly built up a fleet of ships to move the entire population to a safer area. It took almost three years to build up supplies and ships for a population of 6,000. The refugees went down the Damazandal for more than a thousand miles until reaching Unaraggumak. They came to an area that had been explored many times over the history of the Khalas dwarves. They went to the surface and established a new empire in a region that would become known as the Clans. Most of dwarves of the Clans region are descendants of these refugees.

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