Barhaz Halarax

Founded26 Bloom 9097 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, slave battalions built Barhaz Halarax as a control area for demons coming through unstable rifts. These rifts linked Bal-Kriav with a world under the command of Graz'zt. Barhaz Halarax was a marshaling area for demons coming to Bal-Kriav. Linked to Graz'zt's home world Azzagrat, many that came through these rifts had no interest in joining Graz'zt's legions. They had avoided the forced conscription leading up to Graz'zt's invasion of Urizigar. Running away did not save all. The rifts that Graz'zt's arcanists created, were like storms, rolling across the land in random directions, sucking demons through a rift that in a moment's thought, took them to a faraway system. In the Quarat'un System, on the world Bal-Kriav, these new arrivals found themselves corralled to the dozens of containment sites inside Barhaz Halarax.

Graz'zt's rift makers took short-cuts in the making of these rifts. They were unstable. The cause of this was naanabrak used as a catalyst for opening holes in the Web of Magic. When these rifts collapsed they would release magical energy outward for hundreds of feet vaporizing flesh, bone, stone, and just about anything else. Graz'zt's demon conjurers learned to use naanabrak to counter these explosions. When a rift began to buckle, the chambers would be collapsed over it, thus reducing the explosions to several dozen feet instead of several hundred feet. Barhaz Halarax has 29 collapsed chambers of naanabrak. Even though this stone is quite valuable, the dangers of the ancient ruin keep most scavengers away.

Barhaz Halarax had dozens of torture chambers and hundreds of prison cells. When Lukoon was still but an angel, he had the misfortune of spending some time in one of these cells. One of the more frightening aspects of Barhaz Halarax are ghostly sounds of torture - screams, demons cackling, and the slice and hack of torture implements. These eerie sounds have been known to cause psychic trauma resulting in insanity or prolonged confusion for even something of average willpower.

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