Yorthrun Tor

RegionHells Womb
Built11 Saunas 1526

Yorthrun Tor is a colossal giant-sized wall that spans the east-west gap between the two central volcanoes of Agulbandal. It is a ten mile wall composed of lava stone, obsidian, and other volcanic rock. It links the Daughters of Surtur with the city Alreirsoar. The wall was built-up over many centuries from fortifications and castles along the rim of the volcanic lake Jorgeir. When these were connected in 1526, it became known as the great wall Yorthrun Tor.

Yorthrun Tor ranges in height from 100' to 250'. On the extremes of the wall, east and west, is an active volcano. Canals of lava, made by the people of Surticon, stream through parts of the wall. In peaceful times they supply the fires for forges or baths for fire giants, and in times of war as a potent defense. The excess lava drains into underground ducts which drain into canals running along the streets of Alreirsoar.