one of the shrines of Achamâz
RegionNorthern Hordelands, Phangul

Achamâz is a towering plateau leveling off at over four thousand feet above the plains. It has a white stone exterior. This shell, about 50' thick surrounds a great core comprised of Dušullu-Ošur. A towering plateau on the surface, Achamâz extends deep underground with its western edges touching the Heliotrope Sea. The waters of this subterranean sea are dyed purple from this contact.

Achamâz is a place of holy power, ancient relics, and places built long ago. There are ancient shrines and open temples of an architecture more like those found on the worlds of Nawenglorûs than on Bal-Kriav. The plateau is the abode of coutls, Makarrûs, sphinx, a few gold dragons, and other goodly creatures. There are also stories of angels of protection inside the plateau. These angels, among other powerful guardians, watch over holy areas like Igorruš and Ukhišai. Both of these are large vault-like fortresses built inside of Achamâz. Nobody knows what they hold, since no group has ever mustered enough strength to pierce the core of them. Those raiders that have escaped, reported of defenders coming from behind them, in areas cleared, and that they could only have come from somewhere beyond this realm.

Achamâz is considered holy ground by many good faiths. There are shrines of every good god represented at its base. These are pilgrimage points, each watched over by a small keep or castle dedicated to goodly god like Athena, Bahamut, and Danzar-Khâl.

The denizens atop Achamâz consider all to be trespassers. They will escort good aligned visitors for a single day. They must then leave Achamâz and not return for a year. Visitors of other alignments are warned, then attacked if they remain.

The plateau of Achamâz also holds rune stones etched in the Valarin tongue. They are historical records of the God Era written from the Covenant's perspective.

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