RegionTribe Steppes
Founded16 Hollow 8786 GE

Jofgried is a titan ruin atop the plateau Harongrand. It was built by descendants of stone giants and earth archons that had served under Geb in the Creation War. In less than a century from its founding in 8786 GE, it had grown into a bustling independent city-state. Jofgried's giants and minions often battled with those of Onvargard. In the Demon Spawn War, the giants of both of these two plateaus battled Demogorgon's armies as they pushed up the plains towards the Great Expanse. The plateau proved very defensible and costly to the demon attackers. They ended up blockading the place while their armies marched through the plains between Harongrand and Onvargard. A decade later, this decision to bypass an entrenched enemy proved their undoing when Avandra's armies began pushing the demons back from the Great Expanse. The giants of Jofgried and Kolmgar, aided by Geb and his army (allies of the Quara'tun Covenant), began attacking the flanks of Demogorgon's armies. Several months later they were joined by an air wing of dragons led by Bahamut. These battles across the Tamoroc plain lasted nearly a year. They ended with the loss of all three of Demogorgon's remaining armies. Demogorgon was everywhere in the fighting. In one of the battles, later to be named Geb's Near Fall, the demon lord nearly decapitated Geb. He was only saved when Bahamut arrived and to took the demon lord's attention off a dying Geb. Avandra healed Geb up and got him out of the area. In this particular battle, the demons held the field. After the battle was won, stone giants constructed an elaborate memorial in Jofgried depicting carved episodes of the battle Geb's Near Fall.

In the Horgon Era, Jofgried fell to the armies of Cûngin-Zar. Jofgried would remain a vassal state of Cûngin-Zar for more than a millennia. When Cûngin-Zar began to weaken from overextending its reach and control, the southern holds of Harongrand and Onvargard were quick to rise up. The slave uprisings turned Jofgried into a ruin. A small population of stone giants lived on in the area into the First Epoch. This group was wiped out early in that epoch by marauding jara.

In these ruins is a still functioning forge with magical properties for creating over-sized weapons. The weapons forged at the Jofgried Titan Forge function as one category higher for damage, yet in all other respects act as a normal sized weapon to the wielder. One of the weapons made at this place was the Hammer of Bone Pounder. The jara and Tungesti of Grern have used this forge dozens of times to create great weapons. The trek into the ruins is very hazardous, so only weapons destined for a great chief warrant the risk of going in and setting up an extended camp for forging.

Notable Areas
  • Jofgried Titan Forge
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