TypeTroll sub-race
Creation15 Temporal 9007 GE

For much of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), sector Chen'gom of the Troll Bogs, was conquered lands under the demon lord Sess'innek. One of the people under him was a brilliant biologist named Mordegrine. She was tasked with the problem of getting locals to serve under her master's banner; the demon's brutal methods were such that few wanted to help them. Luckily for Mordegrine, they had no shortage of trolls coming through rifts linking this world with the faraway worlds of the Abyss. The nature of the area she commanded, a maze of rivulets and wetlands, perked her interest in troll advancement. On 15 Temporal 9007 GE, in one of the demon labs of Aša Abrai, her first success came with the creation of a new troll sub-race, the Scrag. Using Abyssal Infusion, Mordegrine created a troll variant engineered to spend more time underwater, peaking with those that could breath in both seawater and fresh water.

After the demons were defeated and driven out of Bal-Kriav, scrag spread outward along the coasts of Brucrumus and into the deeps of the oceans and far away continents.

Racial Traits
Osmosis Adaptation can breath in any type of water
Racial as scrag