CategoryHigher Powers
PowerTier 2 Creationist
Systemfree roaming
EnemiesAbyssal Hegemony
Died11 Artifice 9451 GE

In the Demon Spawn War, Mêzelurûs battled the demons spilling out of what she liked to call Piranoth's Folley. Going from Creationist to soldier was a big difference for one who had in the previous great war, the Creation War, been fully committed to Creation. In the Creation War, as a Tier 2 Creationist, Mêzelurûs focus on building out worlds faster than Primordial Lords could tear them apart. In the war against the demons, Mêzelurûs took the way of the soldier, giving up creation for destruction. Hints to her change in sentiment are found on runes, visible only at certain times of the day, and certain times of the year, across the Terraces of Mêzelurûs. These runes, the Musings of Mêzelurûs, like the Plaques of Aphalur, give important insight into the thinking and events of a very tumultuous time.

It was easy in the beginning, you could shape a world in under a year, fill it with dull sentients in five. Now in this new era, the Age of Gods, it takes five times longer.

The reports from Bal-Kriav are disturbing. The demons are using energy from their system, infusing mortals and beasts with it, creating abominations like them. This must be Creation in its twisted form.

I'm going to Bal-Kriav. No reason to create anything else at this pace.

- Mêzelurûs, some of the Musings of Mêzelurûs - "Creationist to Soldier"

Mêzelurûs was an ancient being, some say older than Piranoth. Her body was unrefined, primordial. With a high nature energy concentration, she enjoyed creating sentient plant-life over other lifeforms.

In the Demon Spawn War, the Obyrith Lord Dagon sought to carve out sector Athoreon as his own piece of Bal-Kriav real estate. Mêzelurûs was sent to stop him. For two years, they battled it out in and around the inland sea Mizzen. Mêzelurûs underestimated the power of the Obyrith Lord and was defeated. Rather than have her soul devoured by Dagon's Cairn Scythe, she released all of her nature energy into the surrounding waters. This caused the ocean and the area around it to be bolstered; resulting in an increased size for all creatures of animal intelligence and plants that live in the ocean and into the jungle Zendanul that surrounds it. Like a spine, rocky spires called the Terraces of Mêzelurûs, rose up from the ground across a vast area. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the wonders created and lingering effects of Mêzelurûs death, resulted in the construction of what came to be known as the Pyramid of Anti-Nature.