Viiz Bo Rei Sand Flow Row

Dispater 2e Type Redoubt
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasSand Flow Row
Built1 War March 9263 GE
MapHiznaar Goz

After the defeat of Orcus's forces in the Hoof Front, a great Covenant engineer named Dispater went to work building a line of fortifications he named the the Viiz Bo Rei. He chose a Draconic name to help mend some problems between the Covenant and the dragon armies under Bahaumut.

Viiz Bo Rei, Draconic for the Sand Flow Row, lies along the western side of the river Viiz Bo. It begins near the northeastern tip of the Iron Talons then south through the Krent Talaav valley to the foothills of the Tu Naar mountains. In the Demon Spawn War, its southern anchor was bastion garrisoned by the Hammer of Khage. This once seemingly impregnable bastion, now ruin, is called Thadir.

After the Demon Spawn War, the area was left to the wilds. Stretching north to south for 180 miles, the Viiz Bo Rei is still a formidable barrier. Built of lava stone hauled in from the Chained Lord, it has weathered time and the elements very well. The whole area of walls, towers, keeps and redoubts is so large that nobody has sought to maintain them all.

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