Kennel - Zyrath
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded13 Saunas 9112 GE

Kennel is sited in the Mughorz valley. This ancient hold was built in the Demon Spawn War by demon and gnoll laborers serving under Yeenoghu. It was built to be this demon lord's future capital on Bal-Kriav. Fortunately for this mortal world, that never happened with the demons defeated in the war and driven back to the Abyss. When Yeenoghu fled back to the Abyss, about a 1,000 gnolls were left behind under the guidance of Ingu'lumin. This primordial was charged with building a gnoll civilization.

As Kennel's population grew, so did those leaving for what they claimed to be prized hunting grounds. They left the city and the valley, giving up Ingu'lumin's idea of centralist rule, returning what is like an instinct to many gnolls, a nomadic existence where a pack of predators follows the prey instead of farms them.

From 546 - 746, Kennel was the capital of the Drugnod Empire. After that it was the capital of Yagamph.

The demon architecture of the place still shows here and their under heavy overgrowth.

- Grudhoun, gnoll surveyor of the 1751 Brucrumus Survey

Kennel's current ruler Yack-Leban has little interest in showing the place off to visitors or his despicably evil minions. Captured enemies, if not killed in torture, are left to die hanging from the battlements.

Yack-Leban controls the city and valley around it by way of thirteen death giant generals. Each of these evil giants control a section of the city and are often pitted against each other so that none of them get too strong and challenge their leader.

Kennel is populated by gnolls, goblins, giants, and other evil humanoids.

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