Temples of Begnhidrir

RegionIce Cap
Built11 Temporal 9300 GE

The Temples of Begnhidrir were built in the God Era by fire giants and others under the sway of an unimaginably beautiful cambion. Known simply as The Concubine, her followers became her proselytizers. They built three temples to her, the Gut of Abru'gom, the Heart of Mephi'khar, and the Mind of Mortelas, collectively known as the Temples of Begnhidrir.

Near the end of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Covenant sent an elite team to the world of Savadire. On an abyssal world, overrun by demons, they hunted down a soul-devouring demon that was the source of power for the Temples of Begnhidrir. These temples in turn powered a magical domination over tens of thousands. Generations had been born under the influence of The Concubine, magically charmed or not, most believed in her greatness. The Covenant and the Abyssal Hegemony had long been swayed to look away from the vale of Begnhidrir. Once their minds cleared of her magic, dozens, realized that they had lay with The Concubine or one wearing a Coronet of the Concubine.

The Concubine had built a worshiper base through indoctrination and coercion, yet still garnered divine power. She left on her own free will, and by right, took the road of Ascension.

- Am'stuk, War Teller of Athena - "Mistress of Seduction"

In the 7th century of the Lith-Crillion Era, goliath tribes came into the Begnhidrir valley. The sinister appearing temples were avoided for decades. After a while, priests of Atlas began to commune with their god and others to learn more about the temples. What they learned is that the temples were once used to sacrifice victims to a powerful demon of the Abyss. After being brutally tortured, the sacrificial victims were flung into great cauldrons. The victim's soul was drawn into the Abyss, devoured by a hungry demon.

When the priests rekindled the flames of the temple's 66' diameter cauldrons, they were driven back by the great blue flames that seemed to rise angrily upwards. The cauldron's heat, once drawn from the belly of the Abyss, now from a fiery world near Chaos, quickly melted the surrounding snow and ice and over time drove away the glacial flows of Ice Cap.

- excerpt from the book - "History of Hel"

The lighting of the cauldrons turned back the creeping ice, melting it for twenty miles in all directions. The Goliath built the settlement of Hel around the Heart of Mephi'khar. Unlike the other two temples, the central cauldron under Hel is never ignited. It is sealed off from the city, under the Church of Atlas.

The Temples of Begnhidrir are used for forging masterwork items and magical items. Those that are magical, are always tainted or cursed, or both. Two of the more interesting items made in the temple's fires are the ring Clusmy Titan and the Coronet of the Concubine.

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