Pyramid of Alchemy

RegionTroll Bogs
OwnerPyrmidian Ghouls
Built9 Lunar 586 LE

This Pyramid of Power is located in the bogs of Sinarag. Like other Pyramids of Power, this one of the Troll Bogs was constructed by the Dezellâm. This sand giant race built this monolithic structures as a living place for those they revered, the Lith-Crillion. The Lith-Crillion used the Pyramid of Alchemy as a research center for studying marine life, creatures of the wetlands, alchemy, and poisons. The recipe for making Thasmudyans Bile, originally called Formula 3T-9, is reputed to have come from Lith-Crillion books sequestered in a looming structure much higher than the swamp trees around it. When this structure was made, the builders buttressed it so that it would not sink into the muck around it. After the Lith-Crillion disappeared, it began to sink. It sunk a few dozen feet before hitting hard ground, yet even this was enough to submerge three lower levels.

During the time of the Lith-Crillion, the labs in this partially-submerged structure produced an array of new lifeforms that are largely unique to the Troll Bogs. Most of these are variations of species native to Sinarag, while others are totally new. The Lith-Crillion researchers also started a program to selectively breed trolls in the hopes of increasing their intellect and perhaps reducing their violent tendencies. These programs did not come to fruition, with them concluding that it would take too long - several thousand years by best estimates.

In the Horgon Era, a Saint of Maen named Rioch Tetrax took control of this pyramid. This was easily accomplished since only giant snakes, scrags, and other beasts dared to swim the three submerged levels until reaching the inner dry areas. After capturing the place, it would serve as his Rioch Tetrax's palace until his ascent to godhood.

After Rioch Tetrax departure, and the chaos that ensued with the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), the structure was left to be squabbled over. In the First Epoch, Pyrmidian Ghouls took over the pyramid. The other half of these hybrid undead are comprised of Dromite, scrag, troll, and Graagvrii stock.

Civilization Tree
Sâlo Tânê 21
Pyramid of Alchemy