the stone colossus Ingugrek
TypeStone Colossus (Construct)
CreatedDawn Era

Ingugrek was forged by the primordial Piranoth. He was built to serve as primordial siege engine for his forces fighting in the Creation War. Ingugrek survived many battles to take Weretopia from the angels and the gods. Ingugrek was captured by the god Bal-Kriav and the Golden Seven and entombed in a hill named GirĂ¢n. They used magic to bind him to the earth so that any resistance by him would be met by an equal resistance from the living magical ground around him.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the hill was investigated by Lith-Crillion relic seekers. They sensed strong magic in the hill and so set to excavating it. When they learned that it was a prison, they feared what might happen if they released the enormous stone giant. Worried that they might have weakened the prison, they built a ziggurat above and around the hill, and then magically fortified the place to the best of their abilities. The ziggurat and settlement that grew around it became known as Crillius-Sarrus.

In 177 LE, a magical experiment went awry in Crillius-Sarrus. This caused the living earth prison around Ingugrek to weaken. The stone colossus shook the city as he tried to break free, bringing down buildings and the ziggurat above him. The top arcanists of the city pooled their magic and created a null field that not only knocked out Ingugrek, but also nullified all magic in the city and over a large swathe of land around it - this area of dead magic came to be known as Balormene. For as long as the dead magic zone remains, Ingugrek will be dormant.