Ownerindependent city-state
Fire Giant5%
Founded18 Bloom 3 LE

Belfdagny is an ancient city in Huzar-Arân. It was founded near the start of the Lith-Crillion Era by soldiers of the army unit Hegmir Illof. This unit served under Kossuth in the Demon Spawn War. It was comprised of efreet and firenewts and fell under the overall command of the Quara'tun Covenant. After the Demon Spawn War, this army of nearly 50,000 soldiers dispersed. One group took up residence in the dark reaches of Maenedhel. They followed the path of Kossuth, which made them part of the rivalry between folowers of Surtur and those of Kossuth. Enmity between the two grew worse after the war with Surtur and his followers seeking to turn large swathes of land into fiery wastelands. Kossuth followers sought to live in harmony with those not resistant to fire.

The people of Belfdagny were some of the first followers of Kossuth. It wasn't long before they took up their god's fight in the the underbelly of Bal-Kriav, in the region Huzar-Arân, battling Kolprunn's fanatical sects dedicated to the violence and domination espoused by the proselytizers of Surtur.

Belfdagny is sited in a vast cavern surrounded by hundreds of geysers and a steaming hot river flowing through it. All of the city's walking areas have grooves to help walking in a very humid and steamy environment. Moss and fungus are thick in the city with many served as food for the inhabitants. Walking areas that are not well-maintained are often slippery and dangerous to travel without use of handrails.

Because of their conflict with Kolprunn's fanatics who want to extend the Ofli Hrolmir, the engineers of Belfdagny have built a number of canals that drive northwest from lake Hatosvir. These water-filled canals are used to counter the lava tubes cutting southwest from Fangath.

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