Stone Curse

RegionAerie of Dragons, Grashakh, Hells Womb, Miradelgûn
LocationSands of Hell
Period1011 LE

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Sands of Hell was home to thousands of sand giants. These were the Dezellâm. Their civilization existed long before the appearance of Tragarans, khazarkars, elves, orcs, dwarves and other younger races of the realm. Back then, the desert also had many fertile oasis's. On some of these were sizable settlements. Of simple mind, the Dezellâm revered the Lith-Crillion. A seemingly good people, highly advanced, able to make things better with their magic, the Dezellâm looked up to them. They built great temples to them, really research centers; what today are collectively called the Pyramids of Power.

At some point in the era of the Lith-Crillion, the desert giants lost confidence in their masters. Disease, locust plagues, increased sand worm attacks, and intense sand storms started devastating the population and magnificent structures of the people. The desert giants prayed for aid, built structures for the Lith-Crillion that would undeniably last an eternity, yet they received nothing to stop natural and unnatural disasters.

The Dezellâm turned their backs on the Lith-Crillion. Soon thereafter, a terrible magical disease befell them. Each morning, the Stone Curse caused a random female desert giant to turn to stone. The sand giants nearly disappeared as a race from the Sands of Hell. A few survived in the remote corners of the region near Alluvium Deep. The sand giants that live today in the Sands of Hell can all trace their ancestry to those from that area.

Travellers of this desert sometimes encounter its Dezellâm Statues, some posed in awkward positions. Over the ages, some have even been carted off where they now serve as decorations in castles and palaces. Attempts at reversing the petrification have failed.