Stone Curse

RegionAerie of Dragons, Grashakh, Hells Womb, Miradelg√Ľn
LocationSands of Hell
Period1011 LE

Beginning in 1000 LE, the Knudmid suffered great locust plagues and a booming population of primordial sand worms. They pleaded to the Lith-Crillion, a people they revered. With their "gods" unwilling to change the ways of nature, a strict principle of those home to the Pyramid of Life, the Knudmid lost faith.

The Knudmid turned their backs on the Lith-Crillion. In 1011 LE, a terrible magical curse befell them. Each morning, the Stone Curse turned a random female Knudmid to stone. Only a few dozen of the race survived in and around Alluvium Deep.

Across the Sands of Hell, statues of many thousands are buried under the sand. Hundreds of these Knudmid Statues can be found as decorations of palatial estates and the courts of empires.