Akalgas Wheel

LocationImgangreth, Sathubas
Built9 Saunas 2555 LE

In 980 LE, Sathubas had three aboleth city-states. Those at Ophudehk did a study on the future growth prospects of the region's aboleth. They determined that there was not enough water in the area to sustain the future growth of their aquatic city-states. Ophudehk, the largest of the three city-states, was projected to reach its population limit in another five hundred years. A long-lived race, with time to plan and patient enough to wait for the fruits of their labor, began the work of re-channeling water downward from the region above. They were careful in the process, making sure not to redirect too much water from Imgangreth. Those of this region, directly above Sathubas, depended on these water sources, and would most likely contest changes in their water tables. The aboleth did not want another enemy while they worked to raise the water tables around them. Risk analysis showed that interference in the living conditions of those above could at its worst, result in some group redirecting a part of the Skera Hrolmir downward into their lands.

Nearing the end of the Lith-Crillion Era, the great lake around Ophudehk had become a sea, and many caves and tunnels were now underwater. Seeing the waters rise ever so slowly, many of Sathubas's non-aboleth packed up and left for dryer land. The holdouts, water lapping at the edge of their settlements, became easy pickings for their aquatic foes. For nearly three centuries, the grimlock city-state Akalgas worked to counter the oncoming waters. Aided by earth elementals, they built a series of great water wheels and canals called the Akalgas Wheel. Beginning at Akalgas, these contraptions rise upwards for thousands of feet, moving great volumes of water from Sathubas to Imgangreth. The Akalgas Wheel is not alone in the work, others like it were built across the Sathubas region; eventually stopping the rising water table.

With hundreds of canals and water wheels, some a hundred feet in diameter, the Akalgas Wheel is a marvel of engineering and construction that would impress even the people of Regulus.

The Akalgas Wheel is a strategic asset for not only the people of Akalgas, but others who depend on trade with them. One of these trading partners is the Orchish Empire city Valangrim. This surface city works in concert with Akalgas, guarding and maintaining the facility's numerous canals and wheels.

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