Crybhox Concubine General

WorldBal-Kriav (Crybhox Rest)
RaceIce Troll (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born15 Kindle 9141 GE

Crybhox has the stature of an enormous four-armed ice troll. In the God Era, she was both concubine and close confidant of a Primordial Lord named Thyrm. Trained in the martial arts, striking with up to six limbs, she was much feared. Most of her combat experience came in the battles across Fimbulwinter. Over the last century of the God Era, she rose through the ranks, becoming Thyrm's top general. She got the nickname Concubine General which she carried proudly, once quipping - "use every asset you have, don't hold back."

On 14 Lunar 2 LE, her engineers used four null mines, piercing the Web of Magic. This created a rift between the worlds Fimbulwinter and Bal-Kriav. She marched through this rift at the head of two ice troll divisions. They began conquering the lands of Elemantum. For three centuries, Elemantum was under the yoke of Crybhox and her ice troll army; and all those thinking better to join than die. During Crybhox's reign, Thyrm's influence greatly benefited; such that on 6 Hollow 221 LE he became a Demigod.

On 5 Bloom 411 LE, members of the Ishtu Irrai caught up with Crybhox and her retinue of guards on the icy plateau of Irkar Haer. There they battled her and knowing that they could not defeat her in combat, ensnared her in a god-forged trap. This device, designed by Corellon was invisible to all but the keenest of sight, and imbued with Bahamut's dragon magic, it is strong enough to hold anything less than a demigod. After Crybhox was ensnared, she was taken to a prison that became known as Crybhox Rest.

In the First Epoch, Glangveif (314 HE - 31) refugees came to Crybhox's prison. They erected a temple-like fortress around it, naming it Indraph after a frost giant shaman who led them here. This shaman was under the belief that by worship, Crybhox could be freed. This never came to fruition, with the people sticking with mighty Thyrm over his former Concubine General. It is said he also quipped Crybhox's famed quote - "use every asset you have, don't hold back."

During the conflict between the Nithian wizards Igacin and Anubue, the former learned that he could tap into the power of Crybhox, using a part of her essence to power up his artifact, the Glacial Throne.

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