Colossus of Miradalêth
RegionIce Cap
Founded11 Saunas 1498 LE

In the middle of the Lith-Crillion Era, an advanced race called the Lith-Crillion came to Ice Cap and built the observatory of Miradalêth. In the mountains and woodlands around, lived several hundred eldritch giants. These giants, descendants of the Thraedli, were so awed with the magic and knowledge of the Lith-Crillion that they offered gold and their services in exchange for training in Lith-Crillion magic and other studies. Education included engineering, medicine, astronomy and mathematics. This friendly business relationship lasted almost a century.

In 1590 LE the Thraedli decided they wanted all that the Lith-Crillion had. They attacked Miradalêth, capturing it after a three month long siege.

We had ancient tomes that spoke of the Thraedli, we knew what they were capable of, but those in charge of Miradalêth decided that the relationship was more than us teaching them, we were learning from them. They knew things that we all thought were lost to the ages, magic that was so destructive in its purpose, that it could only have been a product of the time before and during the Creation War.

- excerpt from the Libram of Aggda

Miradalêth grew from an observatory into a small city. It was a magical place with statues covered in glowing runes. Some of these absorbed lightning bolts, which was then stored and used to light the city. Tributaries of the Marik river flow through the city. They form a series of stepped waterfalls. This powered mills and was used to supply pressurized water to homes.

When a confederation of eldritch giants formed the empire of Saer Erkjorg (1592 LE - 1535 HE), the city of Miradalêth became its capital. Shortly after the fall of Saer Erkjorg, Miradalêth was wracked with civil war and reduced to a ruin.

Miradalêth is surrounded by the Grulvid forest. This deep and tangled evergreen forest is infested with huge spiders and frighteningly large beetles and other monsters. The road to Miradalêth has long since vanished among the vegetation. A trek through Grulvid can be as dangerous as the ruins of Miradalêth.

Notable Areas
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Sâlo Tânê 44
Saer Erkjorg