RegionClans, Unaraggumak
Created17 Lunar 9101 GE

Zurukthûr is a great sink-hole of the Clans region. Twenty miles in diameter, it descends to a depth of five miles, cutting through multiple subterrrean regions. Created with the collapse of Ingu'lumin's Second Rift, its centerpiece is a small volcano named Gunul-Birum. Once filling the entire area of the sinkhole, the rift's collapse cause this artificial volcano to be pulled back to Chaos, leaving a smoky cavity.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Tarband-Khâl built a road into Zurukthûr. At the bottom, they mined the hardened lava fields for gemstone and rare ores, occasionally finding loose bits of an ore called Vumort; and building holdings in the sub-surface region of Unaraggumak. Today, Zurukthûr is territory of the Andigimok.

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