RegionClans, Unaraggumak

Zurukthûr is a great unnatural sink-hole of the Clans region. It is twenty miles in diameter, dropping precipitously into the bowels of the Underdark region Unaraggumak. The bottom is covered with shaded vegetation and pockets of Underdark fauna near its edges.

Zurukthûr was created in the God Era. This happened when a mountain was brought from Chaos to this world. It served as a barrier in Ingu'lumin's Second Rift, keeping it open. The collapse of the rift sucked most of the mountain back to Chaos. It also sucked part of Bal-Kriav into Chaos, leaving a deep cavity.

A small volcano remains of the once massive mountain. The Mîmêk named it Gunul-Birum. Today, this area is the abode of salamanders, descendants of those who once worked under the primordial Ingu'lumin.

Several Andigimok outposts are along the walls and at the sinkhole's bottom. These places have adjoining complexes leading into Unaraggumak. They are heavily garrisoned by crack Mîmêk soldiers and on constant alert for those from the surface and in the Underdark that seek to lay claim or plunder the Vumort veins along Zurukthûr's walls.

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