Khimilêth City of Exiles

Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesBahamut, Geb, Kebechet
Founded11 Brightstar 1352

Khimilêth, the City of Exiles, was founded by Khazarkars seeking religious freedom and equality. Exiles of the Khazarkar Empire, they were generally those against the empire's monotheism, a theocracy dedicated to Set. Some were against the Khazarkar caste system, seekers of more liberty beyond the machinations of the Minâth-Nôrî.

On 11 Brightstar 1352, the first batch of exiles founded Khimilêth at the northern tip of the Sands of Hell. It is sited at the end of a verdant tract and great delta, both a product of the nearby Pyramid of Power. It eventually grew to have ports facing the salt waters of the Hullbreaker Bay. Around 1461, these ports, along with the growing population had made them a threat to the commercial houses of the Khazarkar Empire. Since that time, and under various Setarchs, Khimilêth has been threatened and attacked by their much larger neighbor.

Its a power center, dirty work of the Minâth-Nôrî, they support Khimilêth, a sheathed dagger on our flank. We either deal with them now, or in the next civil war.

- Setarch Abraphel Sapthiladân, from a personal journal

Khimilêth has three great defenses, a hot and unforgiving desert to the south, Hullbreaker's treacherous obstacles, and the protective power afforded by the Pyramid of Life. These have long kept the city from succumbing to the great might of the Khazarkar Empire and those hungry for the very fertile lands near the Pyramid.

Unlike the Khazarkar Empire, the Khazarkars of Khimilêth are not restricted to caste, are free to intermarry between castes, and with other races. The city is open to any church, with most paying homage to Bahamut, Geb and Kebechet.

Another pyramid of the city proper is the Pyramid of Anubis. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the primordial Asoun slew the archangel Anubis in this area. This ancient pyramid houses his remains.

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