Urbal Nabad

RegionDhark Bolg
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded4 Artifice 380 LE

Urbal Nabad was founded by a group of Turkûn mining clans out of Felak. To make the place a sustainable and secure living area, they had to work out a commerce arrangement with the loosely-knit earth elementals of Aerruxa's elemental river, the Earth Seam. This commerce arrangement was a binding, long-term agreement that made tolls calculated on tonnage rather than any individual elementals wants. Before this deal, the Earth Seam was used for travel, but only at the cost of the occasional run-ins with earth elementals. Most of the time, they just demanded tolls, but others outright attacked what they saw as trespassing. After the deal was made, barges went up the elemental river to one of Aerruxa's great cave systems.

On 4 Artifice 380 LE, in the great cave Taraggûm, the mining clans built a port on the Earth Seam. In the caverns around, for miles in all directions they went to work mining gemstones and pockets of platinum. The river's earth elementals joined in this mining, with some becoming citizens of Urbal Nabad.

Above Urbal Nabad, after passing through numerous tunnels and elevators is the surface ruin Ilagandam. This place was founded by Urbal Nabad colonists, but as it grew, it grew apart from those beneath it. Eventually, they became staunch commercial rivals.

Urbal Nabad's downward mining activities brought them into contact with the Glimmerkrim city-states. This led to raiding and slaving. The two sides never became peaceful neighbors. In the Kilth Deeps War, fomorian and derro mercenaries joined up with the Reds of Kilth. After defeating their enemies, Urbal Nabad fell under the governorship of a fomorian overlord named Nemeghast.

When Smizerak came to power, they sent their armies to reclaim this ancient dwarven home. They could never hold it for more than a few months. The costly efforts to retake the place were abandoned, leaving it to become the home of fomorians, derro, and their vast slave population.

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Urbal Nabad