Alignmentlawful neutral, lawful evil
Established15 War March 301 LE

In 272 LE, the goblin warlord Maglubiyet, at the head of an army nearing twenty thousand, left Kriav for the Acheron world Avalas. He was then a mortal, yearning for greatness, serving his own power-hungry interests, as well as those of the demon lord Graz'zt. Over the next three centuries, Maglubiyet created a goblin empire that spanned continents, islands, and under the seas. For getting him to Avalas, and more importantly keeping him alive well past a normal goblin's lifespan, Maglubiyet carried out the demon lord Graz'zt's desires. In every town, fort and city sacked, his soldiers sought out idols and shrines dedicated to Orcus, a bitter foe to Graz'zt. These things of worship were defiled and put to ruin, setting back Orcus's goal of becoming a Higher Power by many centuries.

Avalas is a breeding ground for proselytizers. They are trained on this world by those in service to a Higher Power or one aspiring to be. Early in the Lith-Crillion Era, Orcus was the first to infiltrate units marooned on Avalas by a phenomenon known as the Avalas War Call. Trained men and woman of the cloth, join as mercenaries, healers, and even servants. The end goal of this was to spread the word of their patron to the Mortal Systems, that part of the Void that serves as the focus for the required divine power to make one a Higher Power.

- from book two of the Avalas Strategies - "Proselytizer Training Grounds"

On 8 Kindle 594 LE, the demon longevity magic that had kept Maglubiyet alive for more than a millennia, stopped working. Revered like a god by his people, Maglubiyet withered to dust. His death created a power vacuum, and a civil war that seemed without end. It shattered the Gob'biyet Empire into dozens of city-states. To end the decades long conflict, Maglubiyet's soul energy was extracted from the Hells system. On 3 Witchrite 621 LE, Maglubiyet became a Higher Power, a god of the goblin race. He returned to his holds on Avalas, rebuilding his empire by war. No longer needing Graz'zt's help in staying alive, he cut ties with him and other demon advisors. Like Orcus had once done, he established places of worship, training gifted speakers and charming individuals to be proselytizers. They went out to units beleaguered by the Avalas War Call, helping them, spreading Maglubiyet's gospel in the hopes that some would eventually return to their native world as new worshipers. He was not alone in doing this. Established Higher Powers, raised to godhood in the God Era, as well as those longing for idolization, were doing the same. The competition led to intense fighting and constant religious wars.

In the Horgon Era, the orc warlord Gruumsh went to Avalas with a great army. He attacked Maglubiyet's empire with a desire to bring down its leader, and hopefully take his divine power. In charge of Gruumsh's military intelligence was a Lith-Crillion named Blac'drugulois. This figure, one who would one day create the mightiest orc empire of Bal-Kriav, found a way of reaching Maglubiyet. Gruumsh took the lead in a very risky surgical strike against the head of goblin leadership, and a god no less. Maglubiyet was careless, considering a mortal no serious threat. On 21 Hollow 588 HE, the mortal Gruumsh killed the god Maglubiyet. With Maglubiyet's end, Gruumsh became a Higher Power by conquest. Several thousand years of worship to one god was exchanged for another. Maglubiyet's first motto, "Might Makes Right", made this transition go rather smoothly.

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